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Nutrition & Healthy Diet plan

Lose weight quickly and safely - It's easy with us

Make a keto diet plan for weight loss with low carb snacks or bodybuilding diet food plan with high protein muscle foods using the best calorie counter app on the market!

Use a food calorie calculator to calculate macro nutrients in food. Know the amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in food you take. Make a healthy meal plan according to our nutrition facts. Prevent eating disorders and diseases by eating healthy food with lots of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Nutrition calculator checks if your healthy breakfast includes enough fiber rich food and omega 3 fatty acids, but has low cholesterol and sugar content.

Make healthy choices today for fast weight loss, better health and extended life span!

🍏 Food calorie calculator - Use daily caloric intake calculator to get personal daily caloric intake goal based on weight loss diet, healthy eating or bodybuilding diet.

📚 Largest food database - Add healthy food from the food database to your meal plan. Make healthy choices and eat healthy food.

🎬 Barcode scanner - Scan food barcode to get food nutrients and calculate calories for your healthy meal plan.

💊 Nutrition facts - Get all nutritional information of any healthy food. Calculate macros, minerals, or vitamins in your healthy recipes. Enrich your healthy diet plan with healthy choices like foods high in potassium or iron rich foods to prevent disease.


🥗 Healthy meal planner - Choose weight loss meal plan or muscle food healthy diet plan. Calculate nutrition with the best calorie counter app to eat healthy breakfast, lunch, diner and healthy snacks.

⚖️ Weight watcher - Track your fast weight loss during weight loss diet or measure muscle gain on a high protein foods bodybuilding diet.

💌 Healthy recipes (coming soon) - Download healthy meals recipes with perfectly calculated calories of fibre rich carbs, nutritious fats and high protein foods. They include all minerals and vitamins vital for better health.

📋 Diet plans (coming soon) - Choose diet plans like keto diet, paleo diet, mediteranian diet or intermittent fasting and calorie counter will calculate nutrition plan for you based on macros calculation and vital nutrients in food.


We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

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